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Brass Actuator Products

Schrader Bellows Brass Actuator Products heavy brass construction makes these compact cylinders from Schrader Bellows compatible with the most demanding applications.

Product Lineup

Bellows Air Motor

Schrader Bellows Air Motor

The Bellows Air Motor is a “packaged power unit.” It takes the conventional double-acting air cylinder with its two ports, its separate directional control valve, and its two separate speed regulating screws; and combines them into a single compact unit that requires only a single air connection.
The integral valving provides instantaneous piston response. There is no lag or hesitancy to complicate synchronization with other equipment. The two speed control screws permit independent adjustment of advance and retract strokes to match application requirements.
The built-in controls on the Bellows Air Motor simplify machine design projects. Design and engineering time is reduced. Installation is faster, and less space is required allowing the equipment to be put into production faster.

Hydrocheck Series

Schrader Bellows Hydrocheck Series

The Hydro-Check®, a compact, self-contained hydraulic unit can be used with the Bellows Air Motors and many other Schrader Bellows Pneumatic devices. The Hydro-Check gives hydraulic precision to the operation of Air Motors and provides hydraulically controlled feed rates for accurate tool or work feeding.
Two basic Hydro-Checks are available: a series that is designed to check thrust loads up to 1200 pounds on either the forward or reverse stroke, and a series that will check thrust up to 3000 pounds on forward or reverse or both.
Hydro-Checks are available that permit rapid advance to the work, controlled feeding through the work and rapid return. The 3000 pound series is also available with “skip-check” or “stop-check” controls. Skip-check models permit checking action, once begun, to be interrupted at any number of points. Stop-check models permit the piston rod to be stopped at any point or points in its travel, pause for a desired time, and then continue.

Clamping Cylinders

Schrader Bellows Clamping Cylinders
Ideal for stamping, staking, pressing, punching, bending and holding in assembly, drilling, positioning, and pressure testing fixtures. The heavy bronze castings and rugged piston and rod construction give you a long-life, dependable, easily serviced cylinder.

Miniature Brass Cylinders

Schrader Bellows Miniature Brass Cylinders

  • Double Acting Neck Mounting
  • Double Acting Fixed Eye Mounting
  • Double Acting Double Rod Neck Mounting
  • Side Leg Mounting