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Specialty Valves

Skinners selection of specialty valves caters to specific use cases. These valves are designed to meet various requirements, including: small air cylinder actuation and applications with low air flow; non-contaminating and corrosive applications; hot water and steam; explosion protection; precise flow control; hydraulic systems; fuel control; natural gas.

Skinner specialty valves offer tailored solutions for specific applications, providing reliability and performance in their respective fields.

Product Lineup

Manifold Mounted Miniature Cartridge Valves

Skinner Manifold Mounted Miniature Cartridge ValvesThe manifold mounted miniature Cartridge Valve is offered in two-and three-way models with a stainless steel body. It offers a space-saving approach, with no manifold orifices to machine or press in, since the orifice is integral to the cartridge valve. Ultimately, less machining means lower manifold costs. These cartridge valves come fully assembled with no loose parts – the sleeve, plunger, spring and orifice are pressed together as one unit.

MB 3-Way Miniature – Plastic

Skinner MB 3-Way Miniature – Plastic ValveMB Series valves are designed for the actuation of small air cylinders and clamps, and are suited for applications requiring low air flow. For manifolding, 2 or 3 station bases are offered. Manifolds can be bolted together to provide the desired banking combination.

Dry Operator 2-Way

Skinner Dry Operator 2-Way Valve2-Way Dry Operator valves are specially designed for non-contaminating and corrosive applications. The valves assure absolute purity and inertness to corrosion when used with a broad range of fluids.

Hot Water & Steam

Skinner Hot Water & Steam Valve2-Way Hot Water and Steam valves are specifically designed to withstand harsh application conditions. Many designs include integral stainless steel main and pilot orifices.

Intrinsically Safe Series

Skinner Intrinsically Safe Series ValveIntrinsically safe systems and products are recommended, or in some cases compulsory, where the highest level of protection from explosion is required. They are also employed in applications that require low power.

Manual Reset 3-Way

Skinner Manual Reset 3-Way Valve3-Way Manual Reset solenoid valves are designed to start and stop the flow of media as the result of an electrical signal. This can be a problem in some power outage situations were the valve must remain in the no voltage supplied position until the system is manually restarted. Manual reset valves have an added safety device to address this issue. When the manual reset device is triggered, the valve remains in the at rest position until the reset mechanism is manually latched.

Hydraulic 2-Way & 3-Way

Skinner Hydraulic 2-Way & 3-Way Valves2-Way & 3-Way hydraulic direct acting valves are specifically designed for use in hydraulic systems. These valves are spool type valves that can withstand a static pressure up to 3000 PSI. All internal parts are compatible with most hydraulic fluids.

Magnelatch® Coil Option

Skinner Magnelatch Coil OptionThe Magnelatch® operator contains a permanent magnet that is shifted on (latched) or off (released) by a momentary electrical current pulse of approximately twenty milliseconds (.02 seconds). The conventional solenoid valve is in one of two positions – off or de-energized, or on – energized. The Magnelatch® requires no continuous power thus the term latch position is used for on and release position for off. Valves with Magnelatch coils remain in their last energized position and do not return to their de-energized position in the event of a power outage.

Fuel Dispensing Valves

Skinner Fuel Dispensing ValvesParker Fluid Control Division’s Dual- Flow solenoid valves are designed to control two flow rates on command. The valves are actually two valves in one compact assembly using a single dual-wound coil. The valves accurately dispense a predetermined amount of liquid by providing a high-flow (full-flow) for delivery of the bulk amount, and then switch to the low-flow mode to dispense the final amount required.

Fuel Selector Manifold

Skinner Fuel Selector ManifoldUnique in design, the Fuel Selector Valve Manifold permits continuous engine function during tank switching from a safe and convenient location. These innovative manifold solutions include 2-way, normally closed solenoid operators that are rated for fuel safety shut-off and feature a manual operator (standard) for system operation during a power outage.

CNG Valves

Skinner CNG ValvesParker Fluid Control Division is now pleased to offer the high pressure, high flow, low leakage CNG natural gas valve. This product is designed for integration into compressed natural gas fuel delivery systems (i.e. trucks, buses, & etc…) utilizing single and multi-tank applications.

Timer Drain Valves

Skinner Timer Drain ValvesParker Fluid Control’s Timer Drain Valves automatically eliminate condensate that has collected up in compressed air lines.

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