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Din-Style Solenoid Valves

Spartan Scientific manufactures quality DIN-style solenoid valves for general as well as special and custom design applications.

Product Lineup

Solenoid Valve Operators

Spartan Scientific Series 1500
At the heart of each valve made by Spartan Scientific is the solenoid, plunger and plunger tube. While seemingly simple devices, the key to long, trouble free life is in the details of these operators. Made with premium materials to exacting standards and checked by state of the art measuring devices, the Spartan solenoid offers the best value for function on the market today. A guarantee of high cycle life as well as rugged and trouble free life of the valve is Spartan’s quality goal. More than just conversion of electrical signals into fluid mechanical motion, the Spartan solenoid is the culmination of many years of experience and knowledge of media control.
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Direct Acting Solenoid Valves

Spartan Scientific Series 3824
Spartan Scientific direct acting solenoid valves are designed for long life and trouble free service in media control. Spartan’s high tech solenoid operator when coupled with precision made valve bodies of zinc die casting, engineered polymers, brass or stainless steel, are a winning combination of value for many applications. Relied on in machinery from endoscope cleaning to floor sweeping, orange juice machines to suspension leveling, the Spartan direct acting valve line comes in ported and manifold mounted versions as well as cartridge type versions.
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Diaphragm Process Valves

Spartan Scientific Series 3505
Spartan Scientific produces a full line of diaphragm process valves which incorporate the state of the art solenoid, premium materials made to exacting specifications and quality standards. Spartan diaphragm valves offer a port range from 1/8″ to 2″ NPT, BSPT, as well as manifold mounting styles. This unique and targeted style of valving was produced to fill the demanding needs of Spartan’s customers. Materials used are brass, stainless steel as well as engineered polymers for value and long trouble free service. These full flow, low cost valves are in use in many various applications from mobile to industrial, garbage trucks to potato chip manufacturing.
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Media Separated Solenoid Valves

Spartan Scientific Series 3B23
The Spartan Media Separated Solenoid Valve line uses the high quality Spartan solenoid operator at its heart but adds a very specialized and exacting twist. The Media Separated Valve consists of a convoluted rolling diaphragm, coupled with a specially designed cavity which allows for minimized pressure-force ratios that promote function while ensuring that the metal parts stay clean and dry. All of this plus a very low volume for ease of cleaning and flushing of the valve. Specifically designed for media service, these valves are the heart of machinery used in bun steaming to embryo inoculation. Offered in media compatible materials, Spartan Media Separated Valves solve problem applications in media control.
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Media Separated Air Piloted Valves

Spartan Scientific Series APVS04

Spartan Scientific’s Media Separated Air Piloted Valves represent a specialized category of valves designed for precise control and separation of media in diverse industrial applications. These valves offer air-piloted operation, enabling efficient and controlled actuation. With features such as manual override, high flow capacities, and various port configurations, Spartan Scientific provides a comprehensive range to meet specific operational requirements. The media-separated design ensures the integrity of the media being handled, making these valves suitable for applications where contamination prevention is critical.

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Air Piloted Valves

Spartan Scientific Series APV-10
Spartan Air piloted valves are offered in sizes from 1/4″ to 2″ NPT and control media and steam from 1 to 750 psi in various valve configurations. These rugged process valves are used in rigorous environments where precise control of media is required. All versions incorporate a long life air actuator which provides the control of piston and ball valve type valves. Materials include brass, bronze, and stainless steel. These valves are media separated by means of the pneumatic actuators as valve operators.
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Condensation Removal Drain Valves

Spartan Scientific Series CRDV
Spartan Scientific CRDV (condensation removal drain valve) are unique and efficient methods to increase efficiency of industrial pneumatic systems while ensuring that the system remains free of condensate and contaminates.
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Proportional Flow Control Valves

Series Stepper 12

Spartan Scientific Proportional Flow Control Valve
The Spartan Scientific Stepper 12 Steppervalve is a self-contained Media Separated Electronic Proportional Flow Control Valve designed for highly accurate electronically controlled variable flow control of inert fluids and gases. Using analog or digital signal inputs to produce a linear variable flow output, this combination of a stepper motor, valve body with controller circuit has more than 1,500 positions through its valve stroke which can be dialed down to the step, creating reliable and repeatable flow rates from 0 to 30 GPM (water) @ 150 PSI. The valve features a built-in electronic control that accommodates either open or closed loop control by use of electronic signal input of either 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 Volt DC. Valve standard operating voltages are 12 or 24 VDC. The Stepper 12 has a separating diaphragm that maintains dry mechanical movement and is designed for long life and high flow. The diaphragm is designed with a specialized convolution and elliptical flow tip producing a linear flow versus valve stroke position. The Stepper 12 valve body is available in 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” port sizes with a maximum flow orifice of 12.5mm. Featuring multi orientation mounting and the quick connect M12 connector mates to the valve for a sure environmentally resistant enclosure to NEMA 4/IP 65. This energy saving valve uses voltage to move into position and needs only 60mA when position is found and maintains a steady state. For fast troubleshooting, the on-board indicator LED (RGB) light ring displays status of the device.

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