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Pneumatic Actuators and Linear Motion

Tolomatic’s reputation for innovative linear motion products is earned daily.  In applications ranging from bottle capping, packaging, material handling to robotic resistance spot welding, Tolomatic’s products are hard at work. All Air and Tolomatic are committed to being premier suppliers of world class motion control products.

Product Lineup

Electric Linear Motion Control

Tolomatic has all you need for electric linear motion control with an extensive offering of rodless and rod-style electrical linear actuators. Complete your actuator system with either servo or stepper motion control.

Precise control of position and speed are core strengths of electric linear actuators. These actuators are programmable and designed to be flexible. High efficiency (70-80%), long service life and high duty cycle ratings mean an electric actuator can do exactly what you need, and do it at a lower TCO than a pneumatic linear actuator. Plus, electric actuators can deliver the unparalleled accuracy and repeatability needed in high-precision applications.

Electric Rod Actuators

Tolomatic ERD-SS2 Stainless Steel Electric Actuators With Integrated Motor
Tolomatic offers a wide variety of electric rod actuator/cylinder solutions from low cost to high performance.
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Rodless Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Tolomatic MXE-S Screw Actuators
Tolomatic offers rodless electro-mechanical actuators in both screw and belt driven designs with a wide variety of bearing styles and options.
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ServoWeld® Resistance Spot Welding Actuators

Tolomatic Tolomatic ServoWeld® GSWA33 and GSWA33 Guided Resistance Spot Welding Servo Actuators
ServoWeld® GSWA Series servo actuators are used in servo resistance spot welding for robotic applications. They combine servo motor technology in a powerful high-force actuator for a compact profile and faster resistant spot weld cycles—perfect for automotive body-in-white spot welding applications.
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Motors & Drives

Tolomatic ACSI Basic Integrated Servo Motor/Drive/Controller
Tolomatic offers both servo and stepper controllers, drivers and motors, plus integrated servo motor/drive/controller for flexible easy to use integrated servo motion control.
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Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Tolomatic pneumatic linear actuators include space-saving rodless pneumatic linear actuator designs in band-type, cable and magnetically coupled air cylinder styles. Rod-style Power-Block™ pneumatic linear actuators or thrusters are perfect for short stroke applications.

Pneumatic cylinders (actuators) are the workhorses of simple manufacturing automation processes. Powered by the pneumatic system that’s part of the infrastructure of many factories, pneumatic linear actuators can be an affordable, reliable, long-lasting linear motion solution. For this to be true, though, the linear actuator’s job must be straightforward, that is, in-out, up-down, back-forth.

Rod-Style Pneumatic Linear Thrusters

Tolomatic Power-Block Pneumatic Linear Thruster
Tolomatic linear thrusters can withstand heavy side loading making them good choices for conveyor line stops and short stroke load lifting applications.
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Band-Type Rodless Pneumatic Actuators

Tolomatic BC2 Pneumatic Band Cylinder
Tolomatic’s band-type rodless pneumatic actuators provide optimal moment load control and a variety of options to offer the widest range of performance specifications. Whether it is opening a door of a machining center, or moving pallets of parts into position there is a Tolomatic band-type rodless pneumatic actuator for your application.
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Magnetic Linear Actuators

Tolomatic MG Magnetic Linear Cylinders
The MG cylinder and MGS slide-style magnetic linear actuator have very high breakaway points making them a good choice for applications where safety is a concern. Available in all stainless steel for washdown or clean room applications.
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Cable Cylinder Actuators

Tolomatic cable cylinders are a cable actuator that can be isolated from any work area with extended cable lengths for maximum application flexibility. Choose from four different cable cylinder designs: double acting, single acting, double purchase and track.
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Multi-Axis Gantry Systems

Tolomatic Gantry Systems
Robust. Flexible. Fast.
Robust multi-axis and gantry systems designed to handle:

  • High duty cycle applications
  • Moving loads of significant mass
  • Pre-engineered designs, stroke configurable
  • Designed with the base system using the B3W series of belt driven actuators that provide significant load capabilities
  • Specify the motor of your choice


  • Two Axis XX’-Y(D) Gantry
  • Two Axis XX’-YY’(D) Gantry
  • Three Axis XX’-Y(D)-Z Gantry
  • Three Axis XX’-YY’(D)-Z Gantry

Industrial Right Angle Gearboxes

Industrial Pneumatic Cone Clutches

Industrial Caliper Brakes