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Rod-Style Pneumatic Linear Thrusters

Tolomatic Rod-Style Pneumatic Linear Thrusters can withstand heavy side loading making them good choices for conveyor line stops and short stroke load lifting applications.

Product Lineup

Power-Block 2 Guided Air Cylinders

Tolomatic Power-Block 2 Guided Air Cylinders
The Power-Block 2 guided air cylinder offers stroke lengths up to 6 inches (154.2 mm) and thrusting capabilities over 800 lbs.
Tolomatic Power-Block 2 guided air cylinders provide increased power over the Power-Block series of thrusters. The longer stroke capablities make them good choices for a variety of pick-and-place and material handling applications.

  • Choice of linear ball or composite bearings
  • Six bore sizes for a wide range of force output capabilities
  • Available with Reed, Hall-effect or Triac switches

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Power-Block Pneumatic Linear Thruster

Tolomatic Power-Block Pneumatic Linear Thruster
The Power-Block pneumatic linear thruster features two precision steel guide rods with composite bearings to provide positive load support.
Loaded with standard features, the Power-Block pneumatic linear thruster is the ideal solution to a wide variety of short-stroke applications. Use alone or in conjunction with other Tolomatic linear actuators.

  • Force output up to 120 lbs (534 N)
  • Maximum stroke of 3 inches (76 mm)
  • Durable and tough lightweight extruded aluminum design offers low profile
  • Options include stop collar/bumper kit, dual tooling plates and switches

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