Easy-to-Program Controllers

Trol’s T6 Controller is a complete machine control system that is ultra easy to program and low cost too! With Easy-to-Program Trol Controllers, absolutely no training or programming experience is required.

  • No symbols
  • No abbreviated terms
  • No Boolean math
  • No addressing
Trol Controller

The T6 is programed by choosing words from a menu that form sentences of a page. Naturally, you write program in the same order as the machine operates. This allows the T6 to use just a few simple functions, since program execution is already organized. No electrical, computer or mathematical symbols are used. Even someone who didn’t write the program of a T6 can still understand how it will operate!
Up to 575 sentences can be programmed. To offer maximum versatility, multiple pages of program can be executed at the same time! This “multi-tasking” feature allows even complex machines to be controlled by the T6.

Use the T6 to replace complicated PLCs and expensive custom designed circuit boards.

There are two ways to program a T6:

  • With a Computer
  • With a Pocket Programmer

The T6 is versatile enough to control a wide variety of machine applications. Just one T6 controller can replace hundreds of timers, counters and relays.

Trol Expansion Units

The T6 controller has 6 inputs and 4 outputs (10 I/O). Add I/O as your machine requirements grow (Up to 52 Outputs). I/O sections are available in different types and configurations.

Programming remains easy, regardless of how many I/O are added. I/O sections are easy to install- just snap them onto the DIN rail and plug in the cable.

You’ll always know what is happening when the machine is running, because the programmer shows you what the controller is doing in plain English!

Mounted on the front of your machine, a remote timer panel allows easy adjustment of timers… even while the machine is running. Adjusting couldn’t be easier– just select one of the 8 timers by name, then adjust its time setting higher or lower. You set the range of adjustment for each timer and can even assign it a custom name. In addition to timers, it can also display up to 15 messages. Your program remains secure because it cannot be accessed from this panel. A remote counter panel is also available to display and adjust counters.

Trol Programmer