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Vacuum Technology

With over 40 years of vacuum application and engineering experience, Vaccon designs and manufactures efficient, innovative and reliable vacuum automation solutions.

Vaccon’s extensive line of venturi vacuum pumps include miniature pumps, optional single or dual controlled solenoid valves, Air Saver pumps (green technology), pneumatic blow-offs, Multi-port pumps, high vacuum pumps, variable vacuum/variable flow vacuum pumps, material conveying vacuum pumps, air amplifiers/blowers, air-piloted vacuum pumps, apple core style mounts, manifolds and more.

Our complete line of accessories include vacuum cups, spring levelers, vacuum cup fittings, silencers, vacuum check valves, filters, vacuum and pressure digital, mechanical and adjustable switches and sensors, vacuum gauges, quick disconnects, ultra mini cups, probes, vacuum pencils and more.

Vaccon Products

Product Lineup

Venturi Vacuum Cartridges

Vaccon - Venturi Vacuum Cartridges
Venturi Vacuum Cartridges are used on Modular Venturi Vacuum Pumps. Stand-alone cartridges are used in field interchanges and are ideal in many OEM applications.

  • Push-In Venturi Cartridges
    • Min Series
    • Mid Series
  • Threaded Venturi Cartridges
    • Mid & Max Series
    • RTM Series

Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers (CDF Series)

Vaccon - Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers (CDF Series)
Vaccon Air Amplifiers easily and safely handle porous objects that many consider too challenging to handle with vacuum. Vaccon air amplifiers are field-adjustable to meet your process or product specifications. With its inline, straight through design – dirt and debris pass right through, there’s no clogging, no downtime.

Material Conveying Pumps (DF Series)

Vaccon - Material Conveying Pumps (DF Series)
The DF Series of high flow material conveying vacuum pumps provide a simple, reliable and cost effective method of in-line transfer of bulk materials, complex shapes, individual objects, selvedge.

The DF pump’s unique capability to create instantaneous vacuum flow and high air velocity, combined with its straight-through, smooth bore design allows material to pass directly through the pump at high speeds without interference or clogging.

Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Vaccon - Venturi Vacuum Pumps (VP, RTM & J Series)
Vaccon’s air-powered venturi vacuum pumps are highly efficient, capable of reaching 28″Hg [948mbar], dirt tolerant, and include a silencer for quiet operation. Lightweight and compact, they can be easily mounted close to the vacuum point for fast response.

  • Min Series
    • Options Include – Pneumatic Blow-off, Solenoid Controlled.
    • VP Series
  • Mid Series
    • Options Include – Air Saver, Pneumatic Blow-off, Multi-Port, Solenoid Controlled
    • VP Series, VMBV Series, VMF Series, RTM Series, VS1 Series
  • Max Series
    • Options Include – Air Saver, Pneumatic Blow-off, Multi-Port, Solenoid Controlled
    • VP Series
  • High Vacuum Venturi Pumps
    • HVP Series
  • Cylindrical Venturi Vacuum Pumps
    • J Series
  • In-line Venturi Vacuum Pumps
    • Options Include – Inline Pump, Miniature Plastic Vacuum Generators, Inline Atmospheric Pump
    • VPI Series, I-MPVG Series, VPIA-60H-DEL Series

Variable Flow Venturi Vacuum Pumps (VDF Series)

Vaccon - Variable Flow Venturi Vacuum Pumps (VDF Series)
The VDF Series is a unique Vaccon innovation that places the vacuum port and exhaust path inline making a straight-through venturi vacuum pump. These compact pumps offer high flow rates up to 120 SCFM [3400 LPM] and high vacuum levels up to 25”Hg [847mbar].

Vacuum Cups & Fittings

Vaccon - Vacuum Cups & Fittings
Vaccon offers a wide range of vacuum cup styles and sizes. Fittings in multiple styles are also available individually or as a cup assembly. Cups are available in various durometers, colors and materials.

End-of-Arm Tooling

Vaccon - End-of-Arm Tooling
Vaccon’s End-of-Arm Tooling collection of products includes End-of-Arm Tools (EOAT) for collaborative robots, and a comprehensive suite of EOAT components. Vaccon’s modular End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) components offer everything you need to create a complete “wrist-down” EOAT for your material handling operations.

  • Spring Levelers/ Level Compensators
  • Light Duty Spring Leveler Mounting Brackets
  • Heavy Duty Spring Levelers/Level Compensators
  • Adjustable, Fixed Extension Shaft & Mounting Brackets
  • Vacuum Cup Locking Angle Joint
  • Vacuum Cup Mount/ Manifold Block

Electronic Vacuum and Pressure Sensors

Vaccon Vacuum And Pressure Sensors
This compact all-in-one digital gauge, all-in-one output device reduces the number of components in your system. It has 2 either 2 switched outputs or 1 switched output and 1 analog output which allows monitoring the high and low limits for vacuum control and system conditions.  The analog output allows software control over the entire vacuum and pressure range (up to 29.9″ Hg / 1015 mbar) along with being able to track vacuum/pressure.

  • Vacuum Sensor
    • Ultra-Miniature Electronic Vacuum Sensor
  • Vacuum Switch
    • Ultra-Miniature Electronic Vacuum Switch
  • Miniature Electronic Vacuum Switch
  • Electronic Vacuum Switch/Sensor with Digital Display
  • Vacuum Switch/Sensor
    • Electronic Vacuum Switch/Sensor with 3-Color Setpoint Digital Display
    • Electronic Vacuum Switch/Sensor with Digital Display
  • Adjustable Vacuum Switch
    • Pneumatic & Mechanical

Vacuum Accessories

Vaccon - Vacuum Accessories
Vaccon offers a complete line of vacuum accessories and pneumatic accessories to complete and fully integrate any system design.

  • Vacuum Pencil Kit & Probes
  • Vacuum Plenums & Grippers
  • Silencers (AA, ST & STAA Series)
  • Vacuum Check Valves
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • In-line Vacuum Filters
  • Cord Sets For Electronic Vacuum Switches & Sensors
  • Push-to-Connect Fittings
  • Universal Mounting Brackets

Vacuum Valve Stacks (Vac-Stac & VP92 Series)

Vaccon - Vacuum Valve Stacks (Vac-Stac & VP92 Series)
VP92 Max Series and Vac-Stac™ Series provide a quick and efficient way to add vacuum to valve stack bases. The VP92 and Vac-Stac products provide vacuum while simplifying the system by eliminating the need for additional pneumatic components and fittings. Please note that the VP92 and Vac-Stac products are not standalone pumps and must be used with a MAC 92 or ISO 5599/1 valve stack to operate.

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