We proudly offer Electronic Sensor & Control products from these fine manufacturers:


All Air Incorporated offers a variety of products from Airtrol, including pressure and vacuum switches, pressure regulators, vacuum regulators, relief valves and comparators. We also offer SDU-5000 series stepper motor driven regulators and precision orifices and accessories.

AirTrol Products

All Air

We offer many quality sensors and switches at reasonable prices, including Pressure Sensors, Pressure Switches, Gauges & more! Our in-house brand of components are good quality products at a great price!

All Air Electric Sensors


We carry products from Autonics, a leading factory automation manufacturer. With a variety of counters, timers, temperature controllers, panel meters, tacho-speed-pulse meters, display units, sensor controller, tower light and super light photo sensors, Autonics can solve any application need. If that weren’t enough, Autonics also offers fiber optic sensors, proximity sensors, encoders, power controllers, pressure sensors, stepping motor drivers, and stepping motors.

Autonics Sensors

Canfield Connector

From Canfield Connector, a leading fluid power industry manufacturer, we offer electrical connectors, sensors, timers, and accessories. From reed, to hall effect switches, in a variety of mounting styles, they have your sensor.

Canfield Connector Sensors


All Air Incorporated offers inductive and photoelectric proximity switches from Contrinex, a leading manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric proximity switches. Their Stainless steel series allows accurate sensing in rough environments.

Contrinex Products

Enfield Technologies

Enfield Technologies’ patented servo-pneumatic systems provide infinitely variable control of pneumatic devices such as air cylinders and pressure vessels.Enfield Technologies systems are the preferred choice of designers in industrial automation, product testing, and animatronics because they operate faster and smoother than alternative systems.

Enfield Technologies Sensors

Schrader Bellows – A Parker Company

The Schrader Bellows line of products is an exclusive line of products used to interface pnuematic and electrical components. These products include pressure electric switches, vacuum sensors, digital gauges, and transducers.
With the Parker line of products, you also have the feature of using a proportional air regulator, or an electro-pnuematic pressure regulator, to control sensitive systems.

Schrader Bellows Sensors


All Air Incorporated offers products from Trol, including miniature low-cost programmers, pocket programmer kits, computer programmer kits, and I/O expansion units. We also offer output expansion units, analog I/O expansion units, and analog output amplifiers.

Trol Controllers

Vaccon – An IMI/Bimba Company

All Air Incorporated offers a variety of products from Vaccon, including vacuum and pressure sensors and switches. Vaccon’s line includes options for displays miniaturization, adjustable versions, voltage and more.  We are always available to make a selection that suits your individual use case.

Vaccon Electric Sensors