We proudly offer Pneumatic Actuator products from these fine manufacturers:

AIGNEP (Alpha Technologies)

AIGNEP is a worldwide leader in the production and marketing of actuators, nickel-plated fittings and accessories. With cylinders in stainless steel, available in different sizes and alloys, All Air offers a wide variety of products from this quality manufacturer.

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AIGNEP Actuators

Air-Mite Devices

All Air Incorporated offers a variety of pneumatic automation components from Air-Mite Devices. Air-Mite offers three main types of pneumatic cylinders – Tie Rod, Round Line, and Micro Cylinders. This product line is designed for a variety of applications. Custom cylinders are also available to match specific needs.

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Air-Mite Air Cylinders

Airpot (Airpel)

All Air Incorporated distributes this high quality manufacturer manufacturer of ultra low friction, super-responsive pneumatic piston and cylinder motion actuators. Airpot cylinders have a unique seal-less construction and combination of materials that allow high cycle rates without lubricants, smooth operation at extreme temperatures, and instrument quality performance for low to medium force and energy levels.

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Airpot Actuators

Allenair – An Alkon Company

All Air Incorporated is a proud distributor for this high quality manufacturer of air and hydraulic cylinders, established back in 1947. The product line includes brass or stainless steel cylinders, single or double acting, in any style mounting required. They offer a variety of seal configurations to best fit your application. Bore sizes are from 1/2” up to 4”. The cylinders offer cushions, adjustable stroke kits, rod guides, filter silencers, bleeder valves, and is willing to customize a unit for your application.

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Allenair Actuators


Enerpac features the most comprehensive family of hydraulically driven, high-force industrial tools and equipment. Combining decades of experience in hydraulics with the versatility of other force-generating technologies to create the widest range of industrial tools & accessories. Innovative products and effective solutions for virtually all industrial applications.

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Enfield Technologies

All Air offers actuator products from Enfield Technologies. Enfield manufactures an economical pneumatic linear actuator that contains an internal Linear Resistive Transducer (LRT). It is ideal for applications where traditional magnetic position sensing is not acceptable.

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Enfield Technologies Actuators


Fabco developed the original Pancake® Cylinder, which was designed in 1958 to satisfy the need for short stroke cylinders that would fit in very tight spaces. Today, with almost four decades of experience in thousands of cylinder applications around the world, The Pancake® Line offers you far more than any of its imitators – more features and options – better quality, strength and appearance – and far longer product life!

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Fabco Actuators


Koganei Corporation specializes in the manufacturing of pneumatic equipment, centralized lubricating systems, static electricity related products, fluid control equipment and related products.  All Air offers a range of actuators from Koganei.

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Koganei Actuators

Mead Fluid Dynamics (MFD) – An IMI/Bimba Company

All Air Incorporated offers a number of products from Mead, a leading manufacturer with 50 years of experience in pneumatics. We offer Mead cylinders 3/4″ to 6″ bore sizes, air presses, and index tables. From tie-rod NFPA to round-body design, Mead makes every type of cylinder desired.

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Mead Actuators

Milwaukee Cylinder

Milwaukee Cylinder is a long established and recognized supplier of highly engineered cylinder solutions and is a manufacturer of a standard range of steel and aluminum NFPA tie-rod cylinders for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

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Milwaukee Actuators


Parker offers compact cylinders, round body cylinders, tie rod cylinders, rodless cylinders, as well as guided cylinders. With many bore sizes, and endless accessories and features, along with sensors and flow controls, they’ve got the perfect actuator for your needs. You’ll also find rotary actuators in rack and pinion or vane style drives, swing clamp actuators, and short stroke thrusters, perfect for your application. They also have 26 series of grippers, in more than 1000 configurations.

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Parker Actuators


We carry the full line of products from Rotomation, a leading manufacturer of high-speed, heavy-duty pneumatic and low-pressure hydraulic rotary actuators with various shaft motions. We offer rotary actuators, rotary steppers, indexers, and pick & place robotic actuators. We also distribute adjustable rotation, adjustable cushions, and many rotary specials. Rotomation’s unique indexing actuator utlilizes a precision pawl-and-ratchet system that ensures accurate positioning.

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Rotomation Actuators

Schrader Bellows – A Parker Company

Schrader Bellows is the premier manufacturer of actuation products for general industrial and transportation industries. All Air offers a variety of actuators from Schrader Bellows including: Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinders, Compact Pneumatic Cylinders, P1A (ISO 6432) Pneumatic Cylinders, NFPA & Tie Rod Pneumatic Cylinders, Rodless Pneumatic Cylinders, and Round Body Pneumatic Cylinders.

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Schrader Bellows Actuators


We offer a variety of Springville products including “Silver Bullet” cylinders, low-cost aluminum tie-rod style cylinders, telescoping cylinders, and air-oil tanks. All Air carries a full range of Springville Manufacturing air cylinders, from 1-1/4 through 8 inch bore by 1 through 40 inch stroke.

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Springville Actuators

STC Valve

All Air carries pneumatic actuators from STC Valve.  STC offers economically priced actuators while maintaining a high quality standard. All Air and Src are proud to offer Stainless Steel or Aluminum Round Cylinders, Tie-Rod Cylinders, and Compact Round Cylinders.

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STC Actuators


All Air Incorporated is proud to represent Tolomatic, the only North American manufacturer which produces all types of rodless technologies. We offer cable cylinders, band cylinders, magnetically coupled cylinders, clutches, linear slides, and caliper disc brakes. We also carry Tolomatic rotary actuators, rod cylinder slides, grippers, rotogrippers, and adapter plates and a full line of electronic motion control products including IMA, Smart Actuators, MXB, MXE, stepper, servo drives and controllers.

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Tolomatic Actuators

TRD Manufacturing – An IMI/Bimba Company

We offer a number of durable, high-quality construction and long-lasting performance products from TRD Manufacturing. The product offering includes NFPA interchangeable air cylinders, rod couplers, air-oil tanks, and multi-power cylinders. TRD’s cylinders have bore sizes ranging from 1 1/2″ to 12″. Specials and modifications are always welcome from TRD Manufacturing. Standard delivery is 3-4 days.

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TRD Manufacturing Actuators